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22 Of The Most Luxurious Cars You Can Buy

You’re probably familiar with the Big Three automakers from Detroit. Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles all build cars throughout the lower 48. But there is a whole host of foreign automakers that manufacture cars in the contiguous United States.

The VW beetle or VW buggy, as it was fondly called during its popular days, is also a top-quality car. It first saw the light in 1937 during the days when Hitler was rebuilding Germany from the ashes of World War I. Ferdinand Porsche (is that another car brand?) designed this at the behest of Hitler. Motorists from Canada and Mexico are permitted to tour in the U.S. without U.S. license plates or U.S. driver’s permits, under agreements between the United States and these countries. U.S. residents importing a new or used car should consult the Department of Motor Vehicles in their state of residence about temporary license plates and what documentation their DMV would require from CBP. Goods of a commercial nature that are being transported in a privately owned conveyance will require the purchase of a user fee decal and the payment of duty may be required. It is highly recommended that these prohibitions and modifications be investigated before a vehicle’s purchased for importation.

The facility, opened in 1995, is the largest Mercedes-Benz plant outside Germany, employing 3,800 people directly and 10,000 indirectly. The Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and SUV are assembled there, as are the GLS-Class and C-Class models. Nissan North America has its headquarters and its highest-volume North American production plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. The Smyrna plant also makes the Nissan Leaf, Maxima, Rogue, and Pathfinder, and the Infiniti QX60.

Driving a well-built Rolls-Royce or Bentley is a spectacular experience all its own. Sure, these cars may not be built for 0-60 times, lap records, or top speed, but there are still plenty of things to love about them. Here are the most extravagantly luxurious cars you can buy new today, sorted from most to least expensive. Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class luxury SUVs come out of the Tuscaloosa facility in Alabama, as well. The plant runs on a streamlined production philosophy that it calls “just-in-time” manufacturing, allowing only two hours’ worth of inventory to be stocked at any time to prevent waste and backlog. When new inventory is needed, an automated system orders it for immediate delivery.

So I decided to take some of the most desirable foreign car brands out for a spin. Find everything from high-end luxury sportscars from Ferrari & Porsche to affordable sedans, trucks, and SUVs with unique trim features for a stand-out vehicle for any budget. This is Nissan’s contribution and offering to the luxury car market. The Infiniti models that Americans frequently buy are the Infiniti QX80 and the Infinity Q60.

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